Business Valuation and Transaction Advisory

Companies seek business valuations for corporate governance or regulatory reasons, or management review for critical input for decision making process. In these instances the company is at a critical moment in its life. It may be planning a major acquisition, resolving a shareholder, or joint venture dispute, seeking to reduce the gap between intrinsic and market value.

Our team of business valuation experts recognizes that a valuation is not a simple exercise of numbers. We spend time working to understand the business dynamics and its key value drivers. We draw on extensive experience and apply relevant valuation methodologies. We combine this with our deep sector knowledge and benchmarking analysis to offer value-added advice.

We provide valuable insights into structuring and strategy options with a view to enhance the value of enterprise. Our extensive experience with various corporate and industries facilitates the provision of such services. We are focused and relationship-driven while maintaining standards of independence, objectivity and confidentiality. Every problem is addressed with an independent and unbiased approach. We have a dedicated team of multi-disciplinary, experienced professionals who offer a range of services designed to meet your different needs.

Our firm helps organisations evaluate transactions to ensure they are entered into with a full understanding of the opportunities and risks. Once a transaction is in motion, Ventura Capitals helps companies move forward quickly, reducing business disruption to day-to-day operations, while implementing the changes that allow the expected value to be realised.